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Haldia: Money Transfer


The safest, easiest and fastest way to transfer money from anywhere in the world to India is through Western Union or Money gram Money Transfer services, Haldia enterprises Pvt. Ltd., office locations are authorized by both Western Union & Money gram to receve money

SAFE: The person you are sending money to, will receive it just minutes after you have sent it to Haldia enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Each transaction is protected by Western Union / money gram Money Transfer, World class security systems and is electronically remitted thus ensuring that the money is paid out immediately and to the Right recipient in India.

EASY: The sender goes to any Western Union or Money gram Authorized location, deposits the money he/she wishes to send, fills up a "To Send Money Form" pays the charges and receives a code;( an 10 Digit Numeric code in case of western union and 8 digit numeric code in case of money gram ) called as MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) .The MTCN is communicated to the Receiver in India who in turns can visitĀ Haldia enterprises Pvt. Ltd. with a Valid Photo-Identification. The amount would be paid in cash/cheque as per the RBI Guidelines.

LEGAL: Money Transfer through Western Union or money Gram is totally legal and authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

How to receive money:

  • Upon information from the centre for having sent the money through Western Union/Money gram  obtain 10 digit code number - MTCN  (Money Transfer Control Number) in case of Western union and 8 digit code in case of Money gram   and amount sent.
  • Walk-in to the nearest Authorized Western Union or Money gram  outlet.
  • Fill "To Receive Money" form. Be sure to include the sender's name, country and MTCN code    No.
  • Produce any one of the following valid photo identity:
  • Valid passport
  • Ration Card(Valid)
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • Election card
  • Refugee Card
  • Police Identity Card(Non-police employee is not acceptable)
  • Army Card in India

RBI Guidelines for Money transfer  payments in India:

  • Money can be received in India up to a maximum of 2,500 USD or equivalent per transaction
  • Cash pay out in India up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- per transaction. Any amount above    this has to be paid through local    cheque or pay order.
  • Foreign nationals who produce their passport, full amount in INR can be paid in cash. For    foreign nationals also, the maximum amount cannot be exceeded equivalent amount of    2,500 USD.
  • Individuals can receive only 12 transactions in a calendar year.
  • All remittances are for personal purposes only or for foreign tourists visiting India.
  • Minors cannot be paid Western Union transaction
  • No commercial transaction can be paid through this mode of transfer
  • Outbound money transfer through this channel is not allowed.

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Haldia Enterprise is one of the few entities to obtain a license to provide retail foreign exchange services. Since then it has been offering services

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